19 June 2020


Record Store Day's postponed date of June 20th is not happening, but instead we celebrate #loveyourlocalrecordstore in the Netherlands, releasing 35 amazing 'local' releases of mostly Dutch and Belgian artists. The majority is pressed Record Industry and three of those releases are also recorded here, at our Artone Studio. We're proud to be part of all this, so many talented musicians, so much love and attention in al these releases by so many people and not to mention all the dedicated record store owners who need your support. So visit them tomorrow or any time soon or buy your records online and support your local record store and music industry.

17 June 2020

Pretty pink, pretty QC lady 💖

Meet Minela, our lovely QC lady. She (and all of her QC colleagues) checks the records once they're on the press and makes sure the quality is right, from the first to the last record of the order being pressed.

13 June 2020

Brad Mehldau - Suite : April 2020

Please take a few minutes and listen to Mr Brad Mehldau and buy this record (proudly manufactured by Record Industry), it's for a very good cause.

While sheltering at home with his family during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brad Mehldau wrote 12 new songs about what he was experiencing; he was able to record them safely in a studio, along with tunes by Neil Young, Billy Joel, and Jerome Kern that mean a great deal to him, for a new album, 'Suite: April 2020':

A 180-gram deluxe vinyl edition, out today and available for $100 exclusively from the Nonesuch Store, Bandcamp, and Discogs, is limited to 1,000 numbered units, signed by Brad; a minimum of $90 from each sale will be donated to the Jazz Foundation of America's COVID-19 Musician's Emergency Fund (after distribution fees). A portion of the proceeds from the digital album, out now, and the standard albums, due in September, also goes to the fund.

Here he introduces the project and performs the album track 'remembering before all this.

08 May 2020

Young Gun Silver Fox live at our Artone Studio

Throwback to the time we were allowed to be together in one room with a group of amazing people, in our Artone Studio. Can't wait to welcome you all back soon! Thank you Young Gun Silver Fox for this beautiful recording.

01 May 2020

The Vinyl? It's Pricey. The Sound? Otherworthly.

You may have come across this interesting article about The Electric Recording Co. in the New York Times this week. We portrayed Pete for Passion For Vinyl Part II and visited the company back in 2017, one quote from Pete in PFV Part II which says it all... “People recognise that what we do is a true labour of love, mixed with a healthy dose of obsession.”

We've been pressing vinyl for The Electric Recording Co. and Peacefrog for many years now, and it's a real pleasure working with Pete and his team.

UV spot on soft touch matt laminate
07 April 2020

To UV or not to UV, that's the question....

We're sometimes asked if jackets (or other print work) can be given an extra glossy finish. They certainly can! A glossy finish can indeed create a nice luxury look. We can finish your print work with a UV gloss varnish all over or a gloss laminate. Both create a more vivid, luxurious and more tactile finish for your vinyl package compared to regular gloss varnish. But what is the difference between UV and Gloss laminate and what do we advise you to choose?

24 March 2020

Pimp your vinyl

Let's bring some inspiration. Why not pimp your vinyl with a nice UV print? Combining best of both worlds: excellent audio on one side and a nice bright print on the other side. Perfect for a release with a blank D side or perhaps a special edition with one sided audio. The print works best on a white or clear vinyl. Please contact us for more information.

16 March 2020

Vinyl production continues

Unfortunately there is no way around it anymore, Corona Virus is impacting the whole world, including the music industry. Although we try to continue our business 'as usual', there may be some delays caused by different reasons.