10 April 2021

10-04 Stained Glass look on vinyl

Look at this beautiful design, UV print on Crystal Clear vinyl, which almost looks like stained glass.

Green Vinyl
15 February 2021

15-02 Green Vinyl, green workplace

We love our product and process as green as possible and do all we can to be sustainable. As an example, we press our records with the greenest compound available in the world: tin and calcium zinc stabilised PVC.

01 December 2020

01-12 RSD 2021 Postponed

Record Store Day announce new June date for 2021 event

19 October 2020

19-10 RSD Deadlines and Holidays coming up

Dear Customer,

The uncertain but also crazy and busy times we are currently living in, require a lot of flexibility from everyone. Due to an enormous increase in the demand for vinyl, combined with absent colleagues who have to stay home because of Covid-19 related issues, our production times are longer than you are used to. We therefore had to bring forward our RSD deadline as well.

If you're planning releases for Record Store Day (taking place on April 17th 2021), please place your orders in time. We are aiming to supply the distributors first week of April instead of one week prior to Record Store Day. Make sure we have audio and testing order with us in week 47 (16 - 20 November 2020) and artwork & finished order in week 52 (21 - 24 December 2020). Please note that production times of all other orders and re-orders you plan to release around April 2021, may also be influenced by this.


20 August 2020

Coloured Vinyl Stools

Music Venues in the Netherlands are allowed to open their doors for live music and audience, but only for a very limited amount of people and under very strict conditions. Sitting down, no dancing, no singing, no fun 😕 but better than nothing at all. Some of them came up with very creative ideas to keep the audience on a safe distance from each other, these lovely stools from Patronaat Haarlem and Doornroosje are a great example for which we supplied the vinyl.

09 July 2020

The backside of printing on reversed board

We're often asked if it's possible to print inner sleeves, jackets or inserts on the reverse/uncoated side of the board or paper. The answer to this is, YES this option is available! It actually gives a very nice effect to your design. But if you choose to print on the uncoated side of the board it is good to be aware of the following.

19 June 2020


Record Store Day's postponed date of June 20th is not happening, but instead we celebrate #loveyourlocalrecordstore in the Netherlands, releasing 35 amazing 'local' releases of mostly Dutch and Belgian artists. The majority is pressed Record Industry and three of those releases are also recorded here, at our Artone Studio. We're proud to be part of all this, so many talented musicians, so much love and attention in al these releases by so many people and not to mention all the dedicated record store owners who need your support. So visit them tomorrow or any time soon or buy your records online and support your local record store and music industry.

17 June 2020

Pretty pink, pretty QC lady 💖

Meet Minela, our lovely QC lady. She (and all of her QC colleagues) checks the records once they're on the press and makes sure the quality is right, from the first to the last record of the order being pressed.