26 May 2023

26-05 Beating the world record

Hot off the press !!! On June 1st Record Industry will celebrate its 25th anniversary. To mark this occasion we will attempt to beat the world record studio-to-store which is set by @Officialjackwhite on 3 hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds. Together with our partners Haarlem Vinyl Festival DeWolff Artone Studio @drukkerij_haarlem @Sounds Haarlem North End Haarlem and the complete Record Industry crew we will do everything we can to beat this record. 

DeWolff will record two sides of a 12-inch direct-to-disc with a 6-piece band in the presence of an audience, after which the Record Industry team will quickly make the molds with which the vinyl is pressed. Meanwhile, the cover is also printed and folded and once packed, records will be delivered to the record stores in Haarlem all within four hours! Keep an eye on our socials on June 1st to find out if we succeeded.