Cutting & Mastering

We have three in-house cutting and mastering rooms, all fully equipped to perform top of the line services. The cutting rooms are all equipped with two Neumann lathes, VMS80/70 for lacquer and VMS82 for DMM cuts.

We can work from high resolution digital formats (up to 384 kHz) without conversion, but also from 1/4” analog tape using our Studer preview reproducers to stay in the analog domain.

Pre-mastering can be done using either analogue or digital processing.

Digital audio can be supplied via download link or placed on our highly secured FTP server, but we can also process analogue tapes and physical digital formats (CD / DAT / PCM1630 / DDP / HDD)

Our engineers have experience in a very wide range of music, from dance (house, drum 'n bass), popular to classical or jazz repertoire. Mastering means more for us than simply converting the supplied audio to a cut on lacquer or DMM. We can master your audio for vinyl, to give it that finishing touch. You are more than welcome to attend the mastering session and watch us cut your record in person.

After mastering your tracks we can provide you with mastered versions via FTP, download link, CD or USB (for streaming services, digital downloads, or as a safety copy).

As an extra service we can also offer you mastering for CD (manufacturing) and archive restoration (prices available on request).