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Vinyl... only vinyl, that's what we've been manufacturing in this factory from the fifties to today. We know how to process the audio, press high-end records and print and pack in the best quality packaging. With our roots going back to Artone Pressing in 1958, we know what it takes to deliver the best quality vinyl record.

With 33 presses, Record Industry is one of the largest, most automated vinyl pressing plants in the world. Our current production capacity is 40,000 to 50,000 records per day. We press 7”, 10” and 12” vinyl on both black and coloured vinyl.

Hot Products

12" Solo

140 gram black high quality vinyl
200 grams 1/0 printed discosleeve

12" Most Wanted

140 gram black high quality vinyl
300 grams CMYK outer sleeve

12" Gatefold

180 gram black high quality vinyl
300 grams CMYK gatefold

12" DBL Gatefold

Two black 180 gram high quality vinyl
300 grams CMYK gatefold

Do you want something totally different?

We can make your wildest vinyl dreams come true, complicated packaging is a challenge for us.

We offer a wide variety of vinyl colours and mixes, choose your favourite to make your package complete!


More possibilities

Vinyl News


14-03 Sliding Doors Vinyl Style

14 March 2022
We try to keep everything 'vinyl style' throughout the building. Safety first with these vinyl stickers on the sliding doors at our galvanics departement.

13-04 We ❤️ Coloured Vinyl

14 April 2021
We ❤️ Coloured Vinyl. This pressing voor Run Out Grooves of Me'Shell NdegéOcello - Peace Beyond Passion is a special RSD release, pressed in our 'cool blue' colour mix of transparent blue, white and black.

10-04 Stained Glass look on vinyl

10 April 2021
Look at this beautiful design, UV print on Crystal Clear vinyl, which almost looks like stained glass.