Artwork specs

To make sure your artwork can be used and printed without any problems, your design needs to be supplied in our templates. Each template contains information on the size, layout, bleed, safety zones and folding and gluing guidelines. We have templates available for all custom products as well as some special products. For your information we have also composed a manual which highlights what you should pay attention to when designing artwork for a vinyl production.

Artwork can be supplied via downloadable link. For questions about artwork or the manual as well as the FTP address, you can contact Prior to submitting artwork, please also contact the same address to request a Record Industry number and alert our colleagues from the order department that your artwork is on its way!

Audio specs

Audio can be supplied via We-transfer or Dropbox. Please send your link and label copy to clearly mentioning catalogue number and customer name.

A label copy must be supplied, mentioning format (7", 10" or 12") track titles and tracks per side. Please also mention the preferred RPM in which the audio should be cut, or specify if the engineer can decide depending on the total time and the frequency-spectrum of the supplied audio. Extra cutting instructions are always welcome and need to be mentioned on the label copy.

Audio specs and an example of a label copy can be downloaded here.


Yes, there are two possible options:

  • Engraving something into the inner groove of the record (the lead out or dead wax) with a maximum of 30 characters. This is a service at no extra charge, but I'm afraid we cannot amend spelling errors once engraved.
  • Laser-etching the entire side of the record (there will be no audio on that side). For this you need to supply a design in a PDF, and extra charges apply. For more information and samples, click here.

Test pressings are pressed on black vinyl with an average weight of 160 grams. We press all test pressings for both 140 and 180 grams at  the same weight, your final order will be pressed at the requested weight. The test pressing for a 10” record is also pressed on 12” size.

The PVC used is of the same quality, however some of the colour pigments are more susceptible to higher noise levels and/or clicks in the lead-in and lead-out grooves, or on quiet parts of the recording. Did you know the original colour of PVC is crystal clear? They coloured it black as quality checks on black vinyl are easier as you can see almost everything, which is not the case with coloured vinyl.

For a mixed colour, we mix the vinyl pellets per weight, together in a bucket where the pellets are sucked into an extruder (a long screw) to heat them up and create the puck. We cannot influence the number or percentage of pellets per colour per puck, so the outcome can actually differ per record.

There is no standard production time. The production time is based on the actual demand and available capacity. This applies to both test pressings and the final product. It is advisable to check our lead time prior to placing an order. If you need your order on a specific date, it's helpful to communicate this at the time you place your testing order, so our colleagues can do their utmost to meet your requested delivery date and keep an extra eye on your order.

We don't offer a fast-lane service. All of our customers get the same service, but one or our slogans is 'The Impossible We Do Immediately, Miracles Take A Little Longer' so please do contact us if you have a rush job, as we can always try to work that miracle for you.

300 units for an initial release, 300 for a re-order (this applies for both black and coloured vinyl). For most print (sleeves, inserts) orders, the minimum is 300, but for labels and stickers and special print the minimum is 500. For pantone labels, the minimum is 1100.

Over and under deliveries related to the agreed number of final product are allowed if they do not amount to more than 10%, with a maximum of 50 pieces if the order amount is up tio 5,000 pieces, and with a maximum of 100 pieces if the order amount is more than 5,000 pieces. In connection to possible waste during the production process, we need to order more paper parts than the actual ordered amount of records. This will be ordered and charged as follows:

- Labels +10% (for coloured vinyl +20%)

- Jackets/ inner sleeves/ inserts order amount:

   ~ up to 5,000 pieces 50 pcs.

   ~ from 5,000 up to 10,000 pieces +100 pcs.

   ~ from 10,000 pieces per 10k +200 pcs .

- Stickers +10%

An endless loop is free of charge. Please mention your request for an endless loop clearly on your label copy. The length of an endless loop is exactly one cycle. The cycle length for a 33 RPM cut is 1.8 seconds. For a 45 RPM cut it is 1.33 seconds. The last track on the A or B side which you would like to end in an endless loop, needs to have at least one fragment of the desired length at the end of the track (1.8 or 1.33 seconds).

Yes, we can do both. In general, we apply a corrective mastering, small corrections to fine tune the audio for the cut. This is NOT a creative mastering. We offer this as well, but it is then referred to as pre-mastering. This includes compression, limiting, EQing and/or levelling of each track to optimise your audio prior to cutting (you will receive all files for approval prior to cutting). We offer pre-mastering at a competitive price, please contact for more information. 

If you don't want us to 'touch' your audio, please specify this clearly on your label copy. Also extra remarks such as a loud cut or other relevant info, have to be mentioned on your label copy.

Once the cut is made, it is not possible anymore to make any changes to  the audio or track order. We can make a new cut, but extra costs will have to be charged.

We store your metal parts  for at least 5 year after your last order. We do not consult customers if they want to keep their parts prior to destroying them, as that's simply too much work. You can request your metal parts to be sent to you for €35 ex VAT and shipping costs. Please note: when you re-supply them (or supply any metal part for that matter) we strongly advise to order a new testing to make sure they are still in good condition.

Yes and no. It's not possible to supply your own labels. After consulting us, and if there is a really good reason for it, you can supply other printed parts (inner sleeves, outer sleeves, inserts and posters) but we charge administration costs plus an extra charge per supplied sleeve for not ordering printed sleeves at Record Industry. Next to that, manual sleeving costs will apply. Supplied stickers are not accepted, unless they are on a sheet as an insert and not to be applied on the sleeve by us.

Templates for labels, sleeves and other paper parts can be found here. As well as an artwork manual about how to supply your artwork.

We store sleeves, posters, inserts and boxes for at least one year. After that we might destroy them or offer to store them for you for a longer period, against an extra charge per six months. Please note; sleeve stock of 100 or less will be destroyed right away, unless you request us to send them along with your order.

The current board we use for sleeves is made of about 80% recycled material. Only the outside layers are made from “new” fibres, just to control the looks, quality and process ability. We can use FCS-certified board, which will be the same board, but with the guarantee that the trees used will be re-planted. More alternatives are available (such as Eliphant grass) but as it is all very expensive, in our experience customers are happy to accept our current 80 % recycled board

You have to consider a certain tolerance regarding the position of the spine text, about 1 millimeter to the left or right. The reason for this is mainly the size of the board, as this sometimes differs per batch, the lay edge may be divergent which cannot be corrected by the folding machine.

The current profile our printer works with is PSOcoated_v3.icc (for coated paper).and

PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52.icc for uncoated paper). Detailed information about profiles can be found in our artwork manual.

We work with two catalogue numbers; one which we will assign to your release and is used in communication (a Record Industry number) and one you will provide us with which will also be engraved in the dead wax/lead out of each side. How your catalogue number is built up is completely up to you, you can use numbers as well as letters or a combination. An example is BA0001.

If your company is registered in the EU but outside of the Netherlands and you have a VAT number, we can invoice without VAT, on condition that all the records leave the Netherlands. For Non-EU countries we don't need a VAT number. We can invoice without VAT but all records will have to be shipped outside of the EU. For shipping within the EU for a non-EU registered company, we charge VAT.

Yes, our service includes shipping up to three different delivery addresses. It is possible to ship to more delivery addresses with a maximum of five, however we do charge you per extra delivery address €5.

We work on the basis of 100% advance payment for all new customers. You can pay via international bank transfer or via Paypal. Instructions and information will be sent along with your advance payment invoice.


Keep it! As it's one of a kind, there is probably only one record with this mistake, which makes it highly collectible! Please allow for a small percentage of rejects (2%), in a production process like manufacturing records, sometimes technical errors occur.  If there are a few more records with the same mistake, in the most unfortunate case, please contact us and send a mail to and describe what is wrong with it. We might request a sample if our archive copy is 'clean', so our QC can investigate what went wrong.

No we can't. We do not have capacity to store boxes or pallet shipments. So once packed, the records need to be shipped right away. This is why it is important to give us the right details about quantities and shipping addresses at the moment the finished product order is started. Once everything is packed and ready to ship, it is not possible to make any amendments to quantities to be shipped to a certain address, unless we charge administration costs.