Sustainability is of paramount importance to Record Industry and consistent quality is what we strive for. We do all we can to live up to environmental requirements. We are bound by Dutch law to do the utmost for several years already to use less energy and minimize CO2 emissions where possible. As an example we had to replace all our old fluorescent tube ceiling lighting for low energy led based light. And of course we recycle the board, paper and plastics but also use the flow of steam/cooling water, which is a residue from the press shop, for heating the building. Record Industry is not using chrome anymore in their galvanic department so completely REACH-compliant 

Per January 1st 2024 we will be producing gramophone records as green as possible within the current circumstances. We have bought a considerable volume of solar energy straight from a solar panel field in the Netherlands which is enough to run all our presses. The other part of electricity we need, to produce your product, will be Wind Energy only which will reduce the CO2 emissions on all the electricity we use to zero. Besides that we buy the gas we need to run our boilers Carbon Neutral per January 1st of 2024 too.

Record Industry is an ISCC certified company and offers BioVinyl, a non-fossil record compound without compromising on quality!

All our paper parts are printed with vegetable based bio inks and last but not least we will print all the sleeves on the beautiful high quality Invercote board, soon completely FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council), which is the international label or quality mark on a wood or paper product that indicates that the product comes from a sustainably managed forest.