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Sometimes your release needs an extra special packaging to give it more value. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. You could consider a 'mounted'  sleeve, made of extra thick board (1 mm thick) and mounted by hand, just like they did in the old days. Or a custom made box, for which many variations are possible. What we also offer is adding a CD or DVD to your product (which you supply to us). We can for example stick a roset to the inside of a gatefold to which we attach the CD/DVD insert. Please contact us on for more information.
box with silverfoil 7 Inch Box in Velvet Slipcase

Lasered Vinyl

We can press records with a laser etched design. The design you supply us with, will be lasered onto the lacquer. From that lacquer a negative, positive and stampers are made, which means the design can be used for more releases if you like. On the side with the laser etched design, no audio can be added.

A laser etched record will give the best result if there are not too many large surfaces in the design. You can make up the design as a simple black and white document, the 'black' will be the area which will be lasered. Please use the template for supplying us the design, to make sure it is centered (which can be found under artwork specs). The design can be supplied as a HighRes PDF, Jpeg or in Adobe illustrator format. We press a laser etched record with a label on both sides (to prevent a warped record and pulled up middle hole) and preferably on 180 grams.
chrystal clear vinyl with lasered B side Lasered on transparent blue vinyl