07 April 2020

To UV or not to UV, that's the question....

We're sometimes asked if jackets (or other print work) can be given an extra glossy finish. They certainly can! A glossy finish can indeed create a nice luxury look. We can finish your print work with a UV gloss varnish all over or a gloss laminate. Both create a more vivid, luxurious and more tactile finish for your vinyl package compared to regular gloss varnish. But what is the difference between UV and Gloss laminate and what do we advise you to choose?

A UV varnish is a special varnish layer, screenprinted and dried with a special ultraviolet machine. A gloss lamination is a glass-like cellophane which is applied to the printed board using a high temperature.  

UV varnish is slightly cheaper than gloss laminate but despite that, we advise you to opt for gloss laminate. Gloss lamination protects your print work a lot better and adds to its quality. It is less sensitive to scratches or stains like fingerprints than UV varnish. On top of that, UV Varnish can sometimes crack on the creased edges of the sleeve when folding. Having said all of the above, please note that marking and scuffing is more noticeable with dark printed colours. So a very dark sleeve is more sensitive to scuffs and marks with both UV and gloss laminate.

There are more options than gloss laminate or gloss UV. You could also consider a matt soft touch laminate or a laminate with a leather or sand structure. Gloss UV is very suitable to be used for a glossy high light, called Spot UV. A spot UV can also be applied on top of laminate.

Please call (+31235511115) or email us if you would like to know more about the unlimited possibilities with laminate or UV varnish.