15 February 2021

15-02 Green Vinyl, green workplace

We love our product and process as green as possible and do all we can to be sustainable. As an example, we press our records with the greenest compound available in the world: tin and calcium zinc stabilised PVC.

We also contribute to sustainability by saving on energy costs: we have installed solar panels which provide energy for two presses (more to come). We recycle the board, paper and plastics and use the flow of steam/cooling water, which is a residue from the press shop, for heating the building. Recently we installed a huge air handling unit on our roof which uses the warmth from production to heat parts of the building and in summer, it cools the building by using the same warmth to sets a giant cooling wheel in motion. And of course we like our workplace green too, our new packaging department has a green wall. Result? Happy people, happy packing 😃