09 July 2020

The backside of printing on reversed board

We're often asked if it's possible to print inner sleeves, jackets or inserts on the reverse/uncoated side of the board or paper. The answer to this is, YES this option is available! It actually gives a very nice effect to your design. But if you choose to print on the uncoated side of the board it is good to be aware of the following.

Because the uncoated side of the board has an open structure, it will absorb more of the ink, printed on the board. When printing on the reverse side of the board the ink will simply 'sink in' more than when the artwork is printed on the gloss side of board. This might affect the outcome of your artwork. Colouring, especially darker parts of the print might have less contrast. A heavy print on backside board also needs a longer drying time before we can use the board to fold sleeves. The drying time is very important, as dark print can cause marks on the light parts of the print. When we print on the reverse side of the board, we varnish it with a standard matt varnish which enhances the fixation.