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The vinyl is transported to the press in small granular or pellet form. Before it is placed between the stampers it is formed under high pressure into a small 'puck' or 'biscuit'. The 'puck' is mechanically placed between the stampers with on each side already an A and a B label. The press closes and the stampers press the vinyl 'puck' under high pressure of 150 bar in 20 seconds into a record. The record is taken out of the press mechanically, the edges are trimmed and the record is put mechanically into an innersleeve/discosleeve and then left flat to cool down with after every 5 records also a heavy metal 'spacer' to enhance the hardening and cooling down process.

The records are transported by an assembly-line to a robotised storage system (the collator) where they will cool down for approximately 3 hours for 140 grams records and a overnight (at least 8 hours) for 180 grams records. After the cooling down period the records are ready for packaging.
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