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Vinyl has always been an interesting topic for the media. It appeals to many people, as it brings out emotions, reminds us of the past and brings back memories. We think that's also the reason why it is still popular - although not as big as it used to be. It's the emotional aspect of listening to a vinyl record, admiring the artwork, studying the lyrics (without magnifying glass) which will make sure vinyl will never dissapear and is here to stay for ever!

Please find below some interesting links about Record Industry in the media and about vinyl in general.

KANE's latest video with unique footage shot at Record Industry

Vrijdag 26 april 2013, 16:51 • 3051 views
Check out KANE's latest video for their new single, First Chrash Overthrow. It includes nice shots filmed at Record Industry, from the pressing of their album 'Come Together'

Record Industry live and direct

Donderdag 28 februari 2013, 14:10 • 3299 views

An hour of live television, Record Industry in action! It's in Dutch, unfortunately no subtitles, but it gives a very good impression of our factory and the vibe on our workplace.

21-9 How it's made?! A glimps behind the scenes at Record Industry

Vrijdag 21 september 2012, 10:27 • 3622 views

A very nice short documentary about Record Industry in which Rinus Hooning and Anouk Rijnders explain how a vinyl record is made. They will take you on a tour through the factory, showing all steps of the proces. Mastering, galvanics, the press shop, compound, label drying and packaging in about 9 minutes you've seen it all! The documentary is made by Dutch Broadcaster Avro.

Pressing, pressing! A day in the vinyl factory.

Vrijdag 11 juni 2010, 13:01 • 8209 views
A nice 4 page article in Germany's leading music magazine Visions . It's a report about a visit to our pressing plant, illustrated with beautifull pictures.

Click here to open the article in PDF