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Vinyl has always been an interesting topic for the media. It appeals to many people, as it brings out emotions, reminds us of the past and brings back memories. We think that's also the reason why it is still popular - although not as big as it used to be. It's the emotional aspect of listening to a vinyl record, admiring the artwork, studying the lyrics (without magnifying glass) which will make sure vinyl will never dissapear and is here to stay for ever!

Please find below some interesting links about Record Industry in the media and about vinyl in general.

Rock Invasion @ Record Industry

Woensdag 29 januari 2014, 09:22 • 4275 views
EMP's Rock Invasion visited us recently and shot this nice little reportage. With comment 'aufs Deutchs' by our own news reporter Mr Vermeulen himself!


How Daryll-Ann got boxed

Zaterdag 25 januari 2014, 09:29 • 4253 views
The days in which a vinyl record was simply packed in a white discosleeve with two holes and perhaps a sticker on it are long gone.... Packaging of vinyl records plays an important role now a days. Great designs, gatefold sleeves, posters, booklets, downloadcards and also beautiful boxes are used to make the vinyl record even more collectible and desirable. We recently packed a boxset for one of Hollands finests, Daryll-Ann. A very limited boxset of only 300 copies, numbered by hand by the band itself and filled with 7 albums, a bonus 7inch and 3 bonus CD's.

Analogueplanet's Michael Fremer's Go Pro report

Dinsdag 04 juni 2013, 16:40 • 3943 views

In May Michael Fremer, famous for his teachings on the wonders of vinyl, visited our factory and interviewed Ton Vermeulen. He also filmed a tour through the factory in his own unique way, with a GoPro camera mounted on his head, giving humourous comments on what he bumps into. Please check this video impression and enjoy!

Below is a link to a 15 minute interview with Ton Vermeulen, owner of Record Industry

Place for one day - Birdt

Zaterdag 11 mei 2013, 17:21 • 3275 views
Please take a minute to watch this charming little video, shot by the people of Birdt. It's a nice impression of the plant, accompanied by a track of their new album 'Place for one day'. So nice to make people happy with simply pressing their beautiful music on vinyl.